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My Current Thoughts On Reincarnation

June 8, 2016

I never really believed in reincarnation all that much, though now I am a firm believer.  I say this because I have seen for myself people that I knew who died reincarnated into their new forms.  I wouldn’t have believed this even all that long ago, but now I just know/feel it for a fact—what Dr. Bach might have referred to as a guiding signal from your Higher Self. I know, the scientific part of me would of course demand firm proof—though that I cannot give.  But when looking at the new person in front of me I know/can see/it all seems so obvious that they are in fact that other person reincarnated into a new form.  And hence the reason for this blog post: to discuss/speculate about what this all means in terms of a broader outlook on life in general, and love and what it means to have family, parents, children, loved ones, and so forth.

I should start by saying that my current worldview is—basically speaking—that there are such things as spirits or individual souls or whatever you might want to call them/identify them as being.  I feel that there are also our specific bodies, the physical world, of course, that these spirits occupy and call home for some specified period of time.  Nothing too unexpected or unusual with that belief—and one very much in keeping with Dr. Bach’s view of the universe, for what that’s worth, where he talked about spirits inhabiting bodies here on earth in order to grow and to reach perfection.  It also helps set up a world-view where we must think about the future of our earth, societal fairness, our bodies, etc, because it is the way this spiritual/mental world can interact with the physical—and we shouldn’t wreck it, or we’d be stuck solely in the spiritual realm for some unspecified period of time as a result, or somehow less able to articulate our being in the physical world than we could otherwise.

But having felt the loss of someone I love and cared very deeply for, and then to see them reincarnated in a new form has left me with all sorts of strange feelings and questions that make me wonder even more deeply what it means to love, to share a life with someone, and what is a real “soul” feeling and what is just a feeling of my body, perhaps due to evolution, or as a different (but just as “real”) part of myself that only lasts for this lifetime—and doesn’t necessarily carry on like the essential being or soul does.

I say this because when this person was alive I had a definite relationship with them, one of love and joy and respect, one that guided and shaped me in so many ways and that I so identified with on so many levels.  Now, in their new child form, I wonder if that part of me that still yearns for that parental role they served—their approval, validation, and love that I have missed since they died—is just a vestige, if you will, of my physical material side—like an animal connection based solely on the body I happened to be born into, shaped by physical factors that led it to feel that way in the first place.

Since this person is now alive in a new form I feel I should rejoice heavily at that fact, and what it means for the universe—but I also am left kind of feeling like that part of me that loved and needed them so strongly was simply some physical component to my being designed for survival.  Did I feel that love so intensely simply because I was born into their family, for physical/DNA reasons alone, or is it from the fact that they were the person that they were?  Is it some sort of physical trick to keep us all together, or something more spiritual based on love?

And what if they don’t really care for me now?  Was it all just an illusion?  Or is that familial connection just the way we most feel that spiritual union with others that we might otherwise all feel so intensely with everyone when in the spiritual realm?  (Is romantic love similar in that it allows us to feel a unique connection with others that we might otherwise feel with many beings under different circumstances?)  Is it just a factor of time spent together?

It’s a bit strange to think, too, that the new person is now loving their new family just as much as they did their old family, and that they are just as real as that new (different) person as they ever were as that previous person—so how can I claim our love/family was somehow different or more special, or that their previous life-form was the “real” them?  They certainly seem happier and better off now than towards the end of their previous life, as well, so that is yet another reason to be happy for them (and that makes it harder to grieve the fact that their old form died, and to wish things had turned out differently and that they had lived longer—which now just seems selfish on my part, seeing how happy and loved and vibrant they are today in their new life).

Also, some traits are clearly so similar and unique and definitely that person, others—such as their gender—are completely different.  But it is still them.  I know that in my heart for a fact.  So what does that mean—what part was “them” and what part was their body?  Should I stop grieving for the person that died, happy that they are now alive somewhere else?  Should I grieve for that synergistic being that is no more, and for my changed circumstance—and also be happy for this new synergistic being that has taken their place?  Am I sad partly because it will now be many many years before the new person could communicate with me on the same level that the old person could?  Has that person just been effectively taken out of this lifetime’s conversation, as it were, and now I know I will never really be able to form as close a relationship with them as I did growing up, or to be able to communicate ideas with them on a deeper level like I once could so easily?

Or is that just how life works—we keep taking care of each other, shifting bodies as ours wear out/pass on?  And do the spirits choose the body they will inhabit—trying to stay close to the ones they just left in many cases?  What if your parent is now a child, or a friend’s child—how much of your relationship/love/feeling was based on parental roles and what was a different, more spiritual, form of love and connection?

And what does that mean for romantic love—what if the person you now are in love with was once your parent or child or sibling or friend?  It might be a bit of a cliche, but isn’t there a certain ick factor involved if that is the case?  Do we often get stuck with people (as couples) we aren’t really romantically attracted to just because spiritually we were close to each other in a past life, and feel that influence wanting to keep us close together again?  What part is familiarity and platonic love, and what part of that relationship is the “chemistry” our (physical) bodies want/need in this lifetime to do their physical thing?

More generally, how does a specific spirit physically impact the shape/form/expression of the body they are inhabiting?  What if the child looks far different than their parents, but like their old selves—is it because they are a spirit that just naturally looks that way, or innately has those certain kind of traits, affecting their body to some high degree?  Is it just past-life energetic carry-over from the form they took helping program their appearance into their new body (perhaps due to their mental/spiritual outlook affecting physiological processes, perhaps even epigenetic ones)?

Are names something implicit to our spirit, too, because (in certain cases, at least) a spirit can have similar sounding (but different gendered) names in two different lives?  Is a psychic connection with the inhabiting spirit how we often name babies in the first place?

Anyhow—just some of my thoughts as of late.  Not really all that Bach-related, but still felt like putting them out there anyway, for what they’re worth (if only just to think about them for myself).


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