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By Popular Demand…Positive Essence Aspiration Chart!

September 20, 2016

I thought I had actually posted this like three months ago, but apparently not!  Anyhow, many people express not liking having to think of the negative-sides of the Bach Remedies when deciding which ones to take.  Though this might indicate Agrimony to some extent, it also makes sense to focus on the quality you want to develop as opposed to the one you are trying to get rid of.  So, to that end, please see the attached chart!

Keep in mind, though, that by only looking at the positive-side of these states that it can be a bit hard to figure out exactly which one to take (as opposed to when looking at the negative indications).  This is because many states of mind, and hence essences, can help you get to that positive state of mind–i.e. there are five that can make you free of fear, and hence courageous and brave (Mimulus, Red Chestnut, Aspen, Rock Rose, and Cherry Plum).  So, caveat emptor, and I hope it helps!

Click the link below to access the pdf:



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