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Bach Remedy Progress Tracking Chart

May 5, 2017

Below is a link to a PDF of a simple Bach Remedy progress tracking chart I made up.
It can be useful for tracking your progress over time with the Bach Remedies; identifying blind spots in treatment; or simply establishing a baseline with which to measure future growth, since it’s easy to lose track of how we used to feel as progress is made during treatment.

It is best when printed out on the “landscape” setting, and you just need to fill in however many bars (in the positive or negative direction) that you feel currently corresponds to your mental outlook and feelings.  You don’t need to be too precise, of course.  But doing it can be helpful in making yourself stop long enough to really evaluate how you are feeling in terms of each different Bach Remedy state of mind.  Otherwise it can be easy to get stuck focused only on a few Bach Remedy states, or to not even really consider some of the more obscure or seemingly-less relevant mental states to your everyday thoughts and feelings (that might still be greatly affecting you).  Just redo the form every so often so as to visually see how your thoughts and feelings have changed over time.

I have also included a picture of a sample one that has been filled out, just to show how it might work.

Hope it helps!

p.s. this particular chart is only really helpful if you already know what each state is for, of course.  Though you can certainly read each Bach Remedy description as you fill it out, which may be a good way to learn them, as well.

Tracker Chart PDF download link:

Bach Remedy Chart Tracker

Example of it filled out:



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