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Powerful Exercise For Releasing Old Blocks/Traumas

July 22, 2018

In the previous post there is a link to a chart that is useful for getting yourself to think about and track what you are feeling in terms of the 38 Bach Remedies.  It can also be used as part of a powerful exercise for releasing old traumas and negative experiences that may continue to affect us (on some level) to this day, as I will describe below.  If you are well versed in the Bach Remedies you can certainly forgo the chart, but even expert users might find it useful in terms of a simple exercise/technique that can help greatly speed up the process of change within us.

Basically, since the Bach Remedies help us to deal with and overcome various negative emotions and thought patterns, we can use them to overcome specific past traumas and various old thought patterns/habits/false conclusions that negatively affect us to this day.  This technique partially involves taking the Bach Remedies themselves at various points (when feeling a strong corresponding negative-emotion during the process), but more specifically has to do with understanding the mental framework of them that Dr. Bach laid out.  Namely, the positive and negative aspects of each Bach Remedy state, and the understanding that our best and true self is the living embodiment of all the positive aspects of those Bach Remedy states.

Usually, Bach Remedy treatment is done in the moment, focusing on what we are feeling now.  But old events and traumas can linger within us for ages–since our brain doesn’t seem to automatically realize that months and years have passed since the initial incident occurred.  It is like those events are timeless or always with us in the here and now (even if only at a low level), despite the fact that things have changed and that time has passed and that our environment and everything else is now somewhat different than it used to be.

So, long story short, by mentally reliving these old experiences in a controlled way–and taking or thinking about the corresponding Bach Remedies–we can begin to release the impact of these old feelings and occurrences once and for all, while gaining a new understanding and perspective on what has occurred to us.  The key is to differentiate between thinking back on the experience and allowing ourselves to mentally reexperience those same emotions and feelings that we once did, as if we were acting them out in our head.

Here is the technique, before I get too far into discussing the details of it:

  1. Think back on a certain period or experience in your life.  But just don’t think about it, emotionally try to call forth what you felt and experience it as if you were back in that time period.
  2. Using the chart (in the post below) or just mentally visualizing something like it, think/re-live how you felt and acted in terms of each of the 38 Bach Remedies, starting with Agrimony (or whichever one you choose) and working through each and every one of them.  Combine this rethinking/reliving of the experience with the mental analysis of where on the Bach scale for this particular Bach Remedy this experience fell.
  3. Mentally “acknowledge” or realize that so and so behavior/reaction/emotion was an expression of a negative or positive Bach Remedy state, mentally marking it on the chart where it would go–say halfway down the negative bar on the chart, or perhaps all of the way down, depending on the severity.  Also know that you are ultimately all things positive-Bach, so any negative emotions/reactions/etc were in fact simply negative states that did not represent the real and best you, and therefore can be understood as being unfortunate things to have endured.
  4. Repeat for each Bach Remedy state, and repeat for different stressful or emotionally challenging periods of your life.  You can do this for periods of time large and small, and for specific one time incidents or events that were hurtful or that seem to stick out in your memory or that you feel affected you ever since.  Even positive states and events can be evaluated the same way, and can be great for allowing you to feel when you were in top form, happy, selfless, etc, and help to bring that feeling back into your current experience.
  5. The more time periods and events you can tackle with this method, the freer you become in the present state to manifest the positive aspects of all 38 Bach Remedy states.  Of course, this means the happier, more functional, more caring, loving, generous, intelligent, and kind person you can become!


That is also where the chart in the post below can come in handy.  I say this because it’s easy to think about the overriding or dominant feelings that go along with past periods in our lives, and various experiences we’ve had at different times–like how we may have felt super depressed during high school, or devastated after the death of a loved one.  But it can be harder to think of how we tended to approach things in general or reacted in various situations when we were younger, and how we felt in other more mundane aspects of our lives at various points in time or during stressful and emotionally painful times.  So the chart can be helpful by using it to systematically go through and force ourselves to think one at a time about how we felt and acted in terms of each of the 38 Bach Remedy states of mind during stressful or painful periods in our lives.

Most critically, this process works by allowing ourselves to mentally and emotionally reexperience what we went through–bringing for the negative emotion–while examining that particular experience under the lens of a specific Bach mental state.  By doing this we can bring up long-forgotten aspects of the original experience that might still be affecting us on some level, and then simultaneously release them.

By bringing in this new perspective while emotionally feeling/experiencing these old events, we give ourselves the ability to emotionally release the attached pain/sorrow/negative reaction simply by seeing where it falls, objectively, in terms of the 38 Bach Remedy states.

I am guessing this works by bringing up an old emotional memory (which research has shown allows memories to be changed) while automatically bringing in the rational/higher-level brain functions that can rewrite the experience in terms of our new understanding and current level of emotional wellbeing.  That’s why the chart is also helpful, by mentally making this experience/exercise one where there is a strong visual reminder to keep that objective and inquisitive part of our brain in the lead, as opposed to potentially getting lost in whatever strong negative (or positive) experiences/emotions that happen to come up while thinking about a past experience.

By doing this exercise, it’s like we are mentally reexamining ourselves objectively on the Bach Remedy scale, and we can compartmentalize and make sense of the old negative experiences by placing them on the chart under the light of a new understanding of what we experienced.  So, for example, high emotional trauma/sadness could be mentally marked on the Star of Bethlehem or Sweet Chestnut sections of the chart, taking the free-flowing and potentially all-encompassing emotion out of the associated negative experience and placing it neatly on its place on the chart.  This process changes the understanding of the experience on a fundamental level, by evaluating it in an objective fashion, and seeing (and knowing) how it represented something other than our true and best self (being a negative Bach-emotion, after all).  This mental process channels and releases the underlying emotion and frees our current selves of the associated underlying feelings, beliefs, and mannerisms that we hold onto from those old events.  Basically any memory or subconscious process or belief that keeps us from being at our true and best self in the here and now can be eliminated by this process, and those events that initiated various negative Bach states of mind can be identified and overcome.

So, for example, you may realize upon examining your middle school experience (like I did) that it was a time in your life that you were acting acutely negative-Pine, beating yourself up and feeling like an awful person all the time because of it.  By examining this period in this way, you can (in your mind’s eye) label this experience as being simply the manifestation of a negative Bach Remedy state, and not a true representation of who you really are/were, and not a deserving experience to have had.  It also helps you to see how you could have acted differently, thus learning from the experience and seeing things from a fresh perspective.

This Bach-mental framework exercise and corresponding emotional reappraisal can have huge and lasting impacts all by itself.  The Remedy tracking sheet is just a visual aide that can help to ensure you take the time to look at every emotional angle of the situation, and also to mentally (once again in your mind’s eye, or on the paper if you prefer) mark out where that emotion was in the scheme of things.  Doing this–combining the emotional reexperience with the objective/mental task of evaluating where that behavior would fall on the Bach Remedy scale–seems key in reappraising your past self, releasing the emotion, and moving forward with a new understanding, more freedom, and more compassion for yourself.  It’s like you are being reborn into the new you, without the emotional burden of past negative experience holding you down, but with the wisdom of having learned from the experience anyhow.  Taking the corresponding Bach Remedy for particularly powerful emotions/feelings that come up during the process can help speed the process of change even more, as well as providing support and relief.

Any stressful or emotional time in the past–be it one day or an entire period in your life spanning months or even years–is a prime target for this sort of approach.  Any current feelings should be addressed as usual, of course, but it’s amazing how much the past can bring us down and continue to affect us long after something occurred.  This technique can eliminate those feelings incredibly quickly and fully, and allow us to better become the happy and joyous and wonderful people we are meant to be.


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