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Proof love and feelings of connection can improve muscle fitness?!

Positive Water Violet and maybe Holly (or Impatiens, too)…probably some positive-Chicory as well!

See article below entitled “‘Trust hormone’ oxtyocin helps old muscle work like new.”

At any rate–they don’t recommend it in the article, but putting yourself in situations where you feel those positive emotions could help you heal faster, feel better, be stronger!  And further evidence of the effect our mind, emotions–and corresponding hormones–has on our health!


Don’t give up on the essences after one use!

Gentian/Others: Often times people will get excited about trying the remedies, figure out what they need, and then take it once.  They’ll say it didn’t work, or it didn’t instantly cure them off all the problems they want to be rid of.  That’s an understandable hope, I know, as in desperation is the desire for cure.  But it can take some time.  Heck, I may be a thousand times better than I was 10 years ago, but I still take essences regularly (as much as ever, really) because I want to tackle all the issues that come up, however large or small.  But I still take them.

One problem is that people tend to universalize whatever current feeling or emotion they are going through to mean that it will last forever.  When they are down, they tend to think this feeling will last forever or that nothing whatsoever will help.  And when they’re psyched to figure out things to help and feeling on an upswing they then start calculating in their mind how long it will take based on their current progress, they come up with an absurdly short time period in which everything will be accomplished and finished and well (this happens in house work, too, I’ve noticed).

So this willingness to try, followed by what often seems like not much of a result at first, comes the instant and permanent conclusion that the essences don’t work…fairly or not.  (And don’t forget that once you eliminate one negative feeling your focus automatically shifts onto a different feeling–making that all you can see and feel–and thus causes you to tend to forget about the success you just had treating this other aspect of yourself.)  But the essences really do work–they just need to really be applied and stuck with and you’ve got to learn to notice HOW they work–as it is different than what most people are used to looking for, when they think of results.

A few days of attempted overcoming despair with a day or two’s worth of remedies is a bit like trying to cure a large and raging infection with a day or two of antibiotics: there’s still going to be work to be done.  It’s also like you stopped driving to your destination because you hadn’t reached it by the time you left your driveway.

Give it a real shot, learn more about yourself from what seems to be working and what doesn’t, as often when I talk to people the remedies they are trying for the description of the problem they mention are often not quite what they’d choose if they were more familiar with the ins and outs of the system.  Learn all you can, really focus in, and improved health and happiness will be the result!

Was a Rock Water spring the actual source of the legend of the Fountain of Youth ?

Ancient Aliens-like whole-body healing excepted, or perhaps an even more remarkable as-yet-undiscovered water-borne Essence aside, I was wondering one day whether some intrepid (and strict with themselves and their lifestyle) Spanish explorers stumbled upon a Rock Water spring which they (perhaps) drank from or went swimming in, perhaps over the course of several days.

When they returned home, their peers couldn’t help but notice their new rejuvenated and rested appearance–as well as, perhaps, an improved physical appearance and sense of wellbeing–and took this as proof of the famous Fountain of Youth.

Perhaps later explorers even found it, but not particularly needing Rock Water themselves, they didn’t experience the remarkable healing event personally, thus leading them (negative-Oak-like) to spend the rest of their lives looking for the (of course non-existent) Oak-Water spring that would in fact help them feel better.  Just a thought.

New Scientist article comfirms the possibililty of one of Dr. Bach’s most astounding patient recoveries!

Let’s face it, the claim that a woman was cured by Dr. Bach of leukemia in a little over two weeks through use of the remedies seems downright incredible, and would lead most people to disregard it and the entire system as being preposterous or impossible, as surely no one could heal that fast no matter what they were using.

But 80+ years later, scientists cured a patient of an aggressive form of leukemia in only 8 days–and two other patients within a month–using gene therapy in order to cause the patient’s own body to target and then eliminate the disease (see New Scientist, “Gene Therapy Cures Leukemia in 8 Days”, 3/30/13-4/5/13, pg. 10).

So what seems on its face to be unlikely or preposterous to some, is in fact very much a verifiable fact–our body, when prompted and tuned to fight disease in the right way, can eradicate severe problems in a remarkably short amount of time.

Therefore, the fact that Dr. Bach did just this same things using his remedies should be a heart-warming validation of their healing power–and give hope and inspiration to those who would choose to use them–for it illustrates that such a remarkable and quick healing was indeed possible, physically, and that there need not be any particular leap of faith in order to recognize and validate his incredible results.

If it took this long for people to even recognize such a remarkable healing event such as this could take place, then surely it will take still longer till the link Dr. Bach discovered between mood/outlook and disease gets recognized and acceptable to the mainstream…at least then, the ability to heal and cure disease will already be remarkably far along thanks to the incredible foresight and work of Dr. Edward Bach!

Paleo Thinking?

Everyone (?) seems obsessed with finding the way we used to eat, in order to be healthy–and this make sense, scientifically and evolutionarily speaking (to our currently limited understanding of the subjects at hand).

But why not Paleo thinking?  Not in terms of stone = bad, or something trivial and demeaning like that which naturally springs to mind to most people thinking back on the Past, but in terms of a low mental stress, positive and supportive outlook that exemplifies the spirit and helps to bring out the very best in us as people.

The flower essences help us to do just that, in that even though negative feelings and outlooks can spring from health problems themselves, as well as diet, lifestyle, etc, our ability to cultivate the right outlook in order to make our bodies thrive and our society and personalities flourish can allow us to overcome all that and more.

Our body is part of a finely tuned system, and our mental outlook helps it to function, and vice versa, so in all aspects we should endeavor to bring out the person we really feel we can be; the person we feel we should be; the person our body, society, and the world will thrive on us being–then we will know true health.

Sharing, awareness, support, love, creativity, understanding, experiencing a sense of purpose and feeling happy and alive–these are the sorts of “Paleo Thoughts” that we should strive for in our everyday lives–they will make us healthier and happier!


Dilution be damned–Essences are hardly dilute at all!

Check out this link on the BPA substitute BPS.

It leaches into containers, and is biologically active at parts per TRILLION and parts per QUADRILLION.

On face value, a Bach essence diluted to 1 part per 100,000 seems too dilute to work, and makes it to easy to think it couldn’t work, especially when diluted by another part per 200 when making up a mix bottle, and more than that when it is then put into a drink.

But scientists admit that one part per QUADRILLION can still be active.  That’s 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) times more dilute than the essences…and that level of chemical (from a beverage!) can hijack our hormone receptors and do all sorts of nasty stuff.

Another strike against essences eliminated, hopefully once and for all.